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Hello , thanks for being a part of the solution. i just watched you conversation/interview with James Corbett. COMMON-SENSE-HzB@protonmail.com heres my Email - here's my website https://truth-today.org/2022/06/14/smart-cities-technotronic-muscle-cars-smart-cities-are-inverted-trojan-horses/ https://truth-today.org/klaus-z-boyz/ I have conversation / interviews as well. I have roots in Norway: My Grandfather Johan Boge & Thomas Boge both were part of the Shetland Bus seems the bastards are running a new game with new costumes. I think the solution is in the understanding of what you frame as "balance" https://truth-today.org/the-roots-of-occupation/ this is what I'd like to speak upon - "it" resides in the nature of thought - pardon contacting in the comments section - regards James Ford

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Thanks a lot for reaching out, James,

My girlfriend will look at your work as soon as she is able to.

Best regards,


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